Sex Warrior Pudding - Vol 1 [Japanese](Episode 2)

Sex Warrior Pudding - Vol 1 [Japanese](Episode 2)

Studio:   Japan Anime

Description:   Sex Warrior Pudding Vol. 1 Wassup, My name is Shuta. I am the manager of the restaurant A Lamode. To the public eye, it may look like any other family restaurant with cute waitresses. However, A Lamode has a secret that very few know about. The True face of A Lamode is a team of crime fighters better known as The Global Defense Agency...Let's have sex! Sex Warrior Pudding Vol. 2 It is up to me, Shuta, to stop their evil activities and save the planet with the help of Pudding and friends! Pudding, it is time to go fight crime but before that...should we have some fun? Sex Warrior Pudding Vol. 3 Sex Warrior Pudding and friends continue their fight against the evil Lividoll kingdom. In another normal day at the A Lamode, pudding spots Harue and Shuta (the manager) making Love. How will Sex Warrior Pudding and friends react...enjoy?

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