Slutty Princess Diaries - Vol 3 [Japanese](Episode 3)

Slutty Princess Diaries - Vol 3 [Japanese](Episode 3)

Studio:   Japan Anime

Description:   Distol finally completes his end of the deal and now he can save Princess Qoona...or so he thought. The treasure he has taken from Bastarauge was to break the seal that Princess Elena carries inside her body, and now that the seal is broken, the great Demon King has awakened! The witch, Eleanor, used Distol to awaken her true master. Realizing what he has done, Distol, now vows to fight for the side of good, and destroy the Demon King. What fate awaits the world? Is it a new dark-age, or will the side of good bring peace to the world? Only God may know the answer to that question.

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