Sweet Songs Forever - Vol 4 [Japanese](Episode 4)

Sweet Songs Forever - Vol 4 [Japanese](Episode 4)

Studio:   Total Hentai

Description:   By day Chika studies diligently at college, but finds herself distracted. Distractions that only a girl becoming of age and embracing her sexuality can ever face. Chika soon realizes that the unique powers given to her can have multiple uses, not the least being an object of desire. Vol #1 A beautiful girl named Chika has a dilemma. Born with a genetic disorder, Chika has amazing abilities. How many hot girls do you know that can regenerate, levitate like Houdini and spread wings so she can fly? Chika is off to college and life in the girls dorm just became a bit more interesting. Desperate to understand why she was given these powers, Chika goes on a journey to find out why she is..the chosen one!

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